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 HUA BOX Version 2.0.5 Released Add Unlock FRP Lock

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PostSubject: HUA BOX Version 2.0.5 Released Add Unlock FRP Lock   Wed Nov 11, 2015 6:48 pm

Hi to all

HUA BOX Version 2.0.5 Released


- Remove FRP Lock in Samsung Phones

About FRP Lock

Android Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a new feature to protect your device which has been added to several Samsung devices that are running Android OS 5.1 or higher.

This feature allows you to set up your device to prevent other people from using it if it's been reset to factory settings without your permission. For example, if your device is lost, stolen, flashed, or wiped, only someone with your Google account or screen lock information can perform a factory data reset and use the device.

When a device is factory reset, the device will not be able to be setup without the user entering the Google Account associated with the device (for hard reset) or screen lock information (for reset in Settings menu).

Important! You must set up a Google account in order to utilize the FRP feature. It is highly recommended that you set a secure screen lock on your device.

How do i know if my device have FRP LOCK Feature?

The availability of the FRP feature is dependent on your carrier and device model. To see if you have the FRP feature, follow these steps:

From the Home screen, touch Apps -> Settings -> Lock screen and security.
Note: If you have a Galaxy S6, touch Apps -> Settings -> Lock screen and security -> Find My Mobile.

If the Reactivation Lock feature is not shown, then you have the FRP feature.

FRP you can check it on phone by setting phone in download mode and it will be like in this screenshot

HUA Software Download

Important Note 1

We Strongly advice always use Last version and before installing new version uninstall previous versionĀ 

Important Note 2

HUA Tool Can also Activate on Following Infinity Team Products:

- Main Infinity-Box
- Infinity-Box Dongle
- Infinity-Box [BEST]
- Infinity-Box CDMA-Tool

HUA Dongle/BOX Powered With HUA Box Team


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HUA BOX Version 2.0.5 Released Add Unlock FRP Lock

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